Army of Anyone / Army of Anyone

1. It Doesn't Seem To Matter
2. Goodbye
3. Generation
4. Better Place, A
5. Non Stop
6. Disappear
7. Stop Look And Listen
8. Ain't Enough
9. Father Figure
10. Leave It
11. This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

Army Of Anyone: Richard Patrick (vocals); Dean DeLeo (guitar); Robert DeLeo (bass guitar, background vocals); Ray Luzier (drums).

Formed by Filter singer Richard Patrick and the Stone Temple Pilots' Dean and Robert DeLeo, on its self-titled debut album Army Of Anyone plays panoramic hard rock much in the vein of both of its participants' former outfits. "Disappear " appealingly blends prog and pop, managing to sound a little like a Sting song in the process, while "Goodbye" aerates its slamming rock & roll with a pleading, ethereal chorus.

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