Todos somos Ramones

1.Sylvain Sylvain + She Wolves: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (USA)
2.The Adicts: I Wanna Be Sedated (England)
3.Moondogs: Babysitter (Ireland)
4.Blackfire: I Believe In Miracles (USA)
5.Los Violadores: It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Argentina)
6.In Watermelon Sugar feat. Ed Stasium: Cretin Hop (USA)
7.The Boys: Touring (England)
8.Senzabenza: Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (Italy)
9.Freddy Lynxx: Here Today Gone Tomorrow (France)
10.Cadena Perpetua: Danny Says (Argentina)
11.Youth Gone Mad + Dee Dee Ramone: Blitzkrieg Bop (USA)
12.Hymans: Let's Go (Sweden (not Belgium like is informed in some places.)
13.The Gobshites: Questioningly (USA)
14.The Independents + Joey Ramone: Garden Of Serenity (USA)
15.Plan 4: Somebody Put Something In My Drink (Argentina)
16.Los Acusicas feat. Silvia Superstar: 7 11 (Spain)
17.Snails Of Finland & Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone: Slug (Finland)
18.Motosierra: Animal Boy (Uruguay)
19.Tequila Baby: She Belongs To Me (Brazil)
20.Historia del Crimen: She Talks To Rainbows (Argentina)
21.The Lurkers: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (England)
22.Lolita 18: Rockaway Beach (Japan)
23.Collider: I Can't Make It On Time (USA)
24.Romeros: Sitting In My Room (Germany)
25.Stop feat. Mickey Leigh: Outsider (USA)
26.Mariano Martinez: Elevator Operator (Argentina)
27.Airport feat. Tony Barber (Buzzcocks): I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement (England)

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1.Jet Set Go feat. Barbara Zampini: Howling At The Moon (Argentina/USA)
2.Short Circuit: Ramona (Japan)
3.Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers: Chinese Rocks (USA)
4.Sonny Vincent: I Just Want To Have Something To Do (USA)
5.Al Maddy + Ivan Julian: I Want You Around (USA)
6.Shock Treatment: Chainsaw (Spain)
7.Revolucion: Havana Affair (Argentina)
8.Lambrusco Kids: Suzy Is A Headbanger (Brazil)
9.White Trash Debutantes: Judy Is A Punk (USA)
10.Fuzztones: 53rd & 3rd (USA)
11.The Huntingtons: Why Is It Always This Way (USA)
12.Meat Depressed: Go Home Ann (USA)
13.Die Arzte: The KKK Took My Baby Away (Germany)
14.Bien Desocupados + CJ Ramone: Punishment Fits The Crime (Argentina/USA)
15.The Bullys: Beat On The Brat (USA)
16.Stiv Bator: Poison Heart (USA)
17.Fifi & Mach III: Commando (Japan)
18.Goin' Places: Oh Oh I Love Her So (USA)
19.Nutley Brass: Something To Believe In (USA)
20.Doble Fuerza: Chasing The Night (Argentina)
21.Airbag: Loudmouth (Spain)
22.Expulsados: Mental Hell (Argentina)
23.Generation N: I Wanna Live (Germany)
24.Espias Secretos: She's A Sensation (Argentina)
25.Trotsky Vengaran: Got A Lot To Say (Uruguay)
26.Alternative TV: Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (England)
27.The Vigilantes: Somebody Like Me (Sweden)
28.Carbona: Love Kills (Brazil)
29.Blackfire: Planet Earth 1988 (USA)
30.Devil Dolls: Fill My Cup (Argentina)
31.Furious George: Pinhead (USA)

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