Tocando Ramones

1. nuguinuks- el malo, el bueno, el feo
2. guiso - beat on the brat
3. cucsifae - judy is a punk
4. vadka - i wanna be your boyfriend
5. Doña Maldad - havana affair
6. asphix - baby sitter
7. bobby slam - sheena is a punk rocker
8. fiscales ad-hoc - comando
9. staple - do you wanna dance
10.she devils - i wanna be sedated
11.neighbour - she's the one
12.limbonautas - rock and roll high school
13.stailfish - do you remember rock 'n' roll radio
14.satan dealers - i'm affected
15.hulk - the return of jackie and judy idea - i can't make it on time
17.volstead - the kkk took my baby away
18.catalepticos - psycho therapy
19.buzzer - howling at the moon
20.all the hats - animal boy decide - my brain is hanging up side down
22.pirexia - i know better know
23.nos independencia - i believe in miracles
24.december - pet sematary
25.nada que hacer - poison heart
26.sonic sex panic - strenght to endure
27.inconciencia - i don't wanna grown up milk today - life is a gas

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