Nerf Herder - How to meet girls

3:Lamer Than Lame
4:Feeling Bad
5:Pantera Fans In Love
6:5,000 Ways To Die
7:She?s A Sleestak
9:For You
10:Life On Mars

Musically, Nerf Herder are all about the melodic power-poppy punk rock that the kids today just love. Though their music is catchy, fun, and sticks to your head like super-glue, it's not the main reason to pick up Girls . What puts Nerf Herder miles ahead of the zillion other bands playing this kind of stuff is their gift for witty lyrics littered with more pop-culture references than a Quentin Tarrantino flick. In his appealingly nerdy style (oh, come on -- their name comes from a throwaway line in The Empire Strikes Back -- of course they're nerds!) Parry Grip wants to start a new wave band to rival A Flock of Seagulls and Haysi Fantayzee with "Vivian," joins a gym 'cause he "thought I'd look like Henry Rollins/but I still look like Phil Collins" when he's "Feeling Bad," and "would hire the A-Team, and I'd crash the General Lee" "For You." A scathing assault on Courtney Love ("Courtney") and a tribute to Jonathan Richman ("Jonathan") are a lot of fun, too, but the piece de resistance is the hilarious and brilliant "Pantera Fans in Love" -- I could quote you the lyrics, but you should really pick this up an hear 'em for yourself. All in all, a hilarious and fun record that's also musically interesting enough to sustain repeated listens.

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Excelente... He leido toda la vida de N.H. y solo habia tenido la oportunidad de escucharlos en los compilados de F@tVVreck.