Flogging Molly - Swagger

1. Salty Dog (2:19)
2. Selfish Man (2:54)
3. The Worst Day Since Yesterday (3:38)
4. Every Dog Has His Day (4:24)
5. Life In A Tenement Square (3:13)
6. The Ol' Beggars Bush (4:35)
7. The Likes Of You Again (4:35)
8. Black Friday Rule (6:57)
9. Grace Of God Go I (1:55)
10. Devil's Dance Floor (3:59)
11. These Exiled Year (5:17)
12. Sentimental Johnny (4:49)

Nothing like a traditional Irish band from California. All cynicism aside, Flogging Molly's hybrid of street punk and pub-rock is a ruckus of punch-drunk energy. Combining the folk of the Pogues with an Oi! blast by way of the Dropkick Murphys, their debut full-length Swagger provides a brew of rowdy party music that's perfect for any barroom brawl. (via all music)

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