Testament - First Strike Still Deadly

1.First Strike Is Deadly
2.Into The Pit
3.Trial By Fire
4.Disciples Of The Watch
5.The Preacher
6.Burnt Offerings
7.Over The Wall
8.The New Order
9.The Haunting
10.Alone In The Dark
11.Reign Of Terror

*..."After the successful "Riding The Snake" world tour to promote "The Gathering", vocalist Billy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called 'germ cell seminoma' in March 2001. Despite his illness and grueling cancer treatments, Billy offered his ground shaking vocals to the re-recording of Testament classics on "First Strike Still Deadly" with a reunion of sorts, bringing back Alex Skolnick and John Tempesta to record on the disc"....

Trash metal del bueno remasterizado que data del año 2001 y recopila material de la banda, este disco es lo que generalmente se conoce como "una patada en la cara", ideal para escuchar manejando ajjaja.


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