Foxboro Hot Tubes - Stop Drop and Roll

01-Stop Drop And Roll
02-Mother Mary
03-Ruby Room
04-Red Tide
05-Highway 1
06-She’s A Saint Not A Celebrity
09-The Pedestrian
10-27th Ave. Shuffle
11-Dark Side Of Night
12-Pieces Of Truth

The Foxboro Hot Tubs made their inconspicuous debut in December 2007, when three songs were posted on the band's website. While the Hot Tubs' identity was kept secret, several influential bloggers and news outlets claimed the group was actually a side project for all three members of Green Day, who had recently retreated from the public eye to work on their American Idiot follow-up. Such rumors had yet to be confirmed when a track from the band's Stop Drop and Roll EP, "Mother Mary," entered the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks charts and climbed to number 16. Whoever the Foxboro Hot Tubs were, their tuneful take on garage rock (equally indebted to the Stooges, the Hives, and Tommy James) proved to be quite popular, and fans awaited the release of the group's full-length debut. Stop Drop and Roll!!! was made available in MP3 format in April 2008, with a proper release following in May. (via

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floffgtzs dijo...

Formed: 2007, Berkeley, CA, United States

Members: Reverend Strychnine Twitch [Billie Joe Armstrong] (vocals, guitar), Michael Ryan Pritchard [Mike Dirnt] (bass), Frank Edwin Wright III [Tre Cool] (drums), Jason White (guitar), Jason Freese

Anónimo dijo...

Che, hace un tiempo escuché este disco, y tengo que decir que quedé gratamente sorprendido. A pesar que los integrantes son los de Green Day, en esta banda hacen un laburo muchísimo mejor que en su banda original (de mierda).
Esto es rock!