Hafdis huld - dirty paper cup

1. Ski Jumper
2. Diamonds on My Belly
3. My Heart Beats
4. Tomoko
5. Plastic Halo
6. Fucked Up Mind
7. Happily Ever After
8. Ice Cream Is Nice
9. Celebration
10. Hometown Hero
11. Younger Longer
12. Who Loves the Sun
13. Sumri Hallar

Hafdís Huld toured the world as a 15 year old with iconic Icelandic band GusGus. After leaving the band she started writing her own songs, and quickly collaborated with FC Kahuna, co-writing their singles Hayling and Machine Says Yes . Elsewhere she sang with dance producers Ewan Pearson and Tom Middleton on their artist projects. In between times shes made two feature films & modelled clothing for Extreme Sports.
Her debut album Dirty Paper Cup was released in 2006 and won the award of best pop album at the Icelandic music awards. The album features a cover of Lou Reed's Who Loves The Sun performed on the ukulele. This was one of four singles released from the album. The b-sides of all the singles were tracks from the album. Hafdis performs with a three piece band of Sarah Croft, Alisdair Wright and Steve Ling. The band use guitars, keyboards, ukulele, xylophone and banjo.


Disco que habiamos subido el 19/8/07 y ya no funcionaba hasta hoy que Andres nos manda nuevamente.

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Jorge Alfonso dijo...

Cálido, dulce, íntimo, sencillo.
Un DISCAZO en su estilo.
Muchas gracias. Saludos.