Iron And Wine With Calexico - Live Triple Door 22.10.2005 [Seattle, Washington USA]

02.He Lays In The Reins
03.Red Dust
04.Prison On Route 41
05.All Tomorrow's Parties [Velvet Underground cover]
06.History Of Lovers
07.Dead Man's Will
08.Wild Horses [Rolling Stones cover]

To promote their new joint EP, In The Reins, both groups performed at the Triple Door in Seattle, WA, on Oct 22, 2005. An excellent performance with the covers being timely in tuning into the collective mood of America at war. Check out the horns which add a nice church-y touch to this laid-back sound. It´s that old time division between rural life and urban rush. The iron backbone and the wine of leisure.


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Nahim de Forvik dijo...

De las mejores versiones de "All tomorrow parties" que he oido. Saludos!