Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

1.Suspect Device (2:36)
2.State of Emergency (2:29)
3.Here We Are Nowhere (1:00)
4.Wasted Life (3:10)
5.No More of That (2:04)
6.Barbed Wire Love (3:32)
7.White Noise (1:57)
8.Breakout (3:04)
9.Law and Order (3:14)
10.Rough Trade (2:40)
11.Johnny Was (8:11)
12.Alternative Ulster (2:44)
13.Closed Groove (4:25)



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alguien tiene la banda de sonido de Una vida Iluminada?
muy buena pagina chambonessss

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discazo.... q lindo q cantaba jake burns.......