Johnny Thunders - hurt me

1. Sad Vacation (2:15)
2. Eve Of Destruction (1:19)
3. Too Much Too Soon (1:06)
4. Joey Joey (2:11)
5. I'm A Boy I'm A Girl (2:23)
6. Go Back To Go (1:12)
7. I Like To Play Games (1:59)
8. Hurt me (3:11)
9. Illegitammate Son Of Segovia (2:59)
10. It Ain't me Babe (0:20)
11. Diary Of A Lover (2:47)
12. I'd Rather Be With The Boys (1:56)
13. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A memory (2:52)
14. She's So Untouchable (2:29)
15. Ask Me No Question (2:03)
16. She's So Strange (1:40)
17. Lonely Planet Boy (1:37)
18. MIA (1:37)
19. Cosa Nostra (1:17)
20. In Cold Blood (2:26)
21. Just Another Girld (3:57)
22. Green Onions (5:07)
23. Diary Of A Lover (3:10)
24. Look In My Eyes (1:57)

Hurt Me is a rarity in Johnny Thunders' catalog -- a collection of acoustic recordings revealing that he could be a hell of a performer if he so chose. There are a number of predictable songs here, such as the classic "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory," as well as some good covers. It's an anomaly in Thunders' catalog and all the better for it. [all music review]

[128 kbps - 48,9 mb]


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Anónimo dijo...

levanten el disco de outrageous cherry que tiene el tema our love will change the world


Anónimo dijo...

atiradorl?sser no les agrada?

gracias por subir los cds, me alegran los d?as, me ahorran algunoos pesos, conozco bandas....

Anónimo dijo...

re-up the Johnny Thunders Hurt Me LP??!!!!!

I've been looking for it all over the web - now I found it and the link has expired

Pliease go ahead boy and DO IT

Cheers Gustav

Anónimo dijo...

Why has the "Hurt me" file

"... been inactive for more than 30 days"? (Badongo)

The answer ist clear: because the web is a bunch of tasteless freaks with no idea about what good music is!

Otherwise there had been a 100 downloads every day!

(... and I wouldn't hang around knibbling my fingernails while I have to hope and pray that this LINK will be reactivated ... :-)

xxx Gustav