Jets To Brazil - perfecting loneliness

1. the frequency (6:14)
2. you're the one i want (4:26)
3. cat heaven (5:06)
4. perfecting loneliness (5:46)
5. lucky charm (5:59)
6. wish list (4:18)
7. psalm (5:16)
8. autumn walker (5:32)
9. further north (5:13)
10.william tell override (3:58)
11.disgrace (6:23)
12.rocket boy (9:31)

Perfecting Loneliness finds Jets to Brazil continuing their trajectory from Jawbreaker to Orange Rhyming Dictionary to Four Cornered Night. With this outing, the band develops their folk-pop repertoire via a set of summer-tinged, bittersweet memories. With deeper instrumentation, undone piano melodies, and larger-than-life orchestration, Schwarzenbach and company manage to turn intimate observations into moments of transcendent grandeur -- and while the album might not sound exactly like Nick Drake, the effect is the same. It's an emotional journey for sure, as songs like "Psalm" drift into the territory reserved for the likes of James Taylor. But Jets to Brazil maintains just enough rock crunch to keep the album driving. It's not all gloomy and glum -- "Autumn Walker" and "William Tell Override" still seethe with the punk-pop power of Hüsker Dü and Sugar and a relentlessly optimistic groove. But the final song, "Rocket Boy," is the most ambitious, and it will leave listeners welling up with nostalgia and yearning. (

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