The Mono Men - shut up!

1. Wrecker
2. Phantom On Lane 12
3. Little Miss 3-B
4. Switchblade
5. Reset
6. Warm Piston
7. Mr. Eliminator
8. Rumble

About two hours from Seattle, in the seaside town of Bellingham, WA, the Mono Men pursued their campy retreat to '60s rock revivalism via the Sonics, the Wailers, and loads of teen exploitation flicks, but don't be fooled -- their music is loud, fast, and aggressive.
The Mono Men doubled as indie label gurus, forming and running garage rock asylum Estrus Records; they also host the annual Garage Shock music festival in upstate Washington.
"An all-instrumental recording for those assholes who don't like the way we sing," claims the cover of Shut the Fuck Up! And while some may miss the dual vocal attack of Dave Crider and John Mortensen, you can't go wrong with the cagey stomp of "WRECKER!" or the sloppy pop of "Little Miss 3-B." And, while The Mono Men originals are done with characteristic recklessness, covers of Dick Dale's "Mr. Eliminator" and Link Wray's "Switchblade" and "Rumble" drag, sapping energy from the entire exuberant project. (via all music)

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